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Metal Art Silhouettes from J Dunbar are made from new, reclaimed and recycled steel plate,
cut by hand with a cutting torch. The slag is removed with a hand held grinder while at the same time
the piece is being shaped to bring out the special characteristics of each western silhouettes,
wildlife silhouettes and other metal art silhouettes.
bald eagle silhouette
Whitetail Deer Silhouette Metal

Buffalo Silhouette Metal Art

mountain man silhouettes

Apply custom metal art silhouettes  to farm and ranch signs, wall art, gates and fence panels, entrance signs, business signs, community projects.

Elk silhouette metal art

The use of positive and negative space has been a hallmark of J Dunbar's  metal silhouettes for many years, allowing the creative design of each piece to come fourth.

Create metal silhouette gate panels, decorative fence panels, hanging metal wall art and metal entrance signs.

 Make your favorite western silhouettes or wildlife silhouettes into your dream metal sign.

NO Computer - NO Plasma Handcrafted Metal Art the old fashioned way, By Hand
 "One At A Time"

J Dunbar using his cutting tourch" Custom Metal Silhouettes"

"Committed to bringing  you the finest in Handcrafted Metal Art"

Moose Silhouette 1

Bear metal silhouette

cattle drive sign

Horse colt within

Rocky Mountain big Horn Sheep Silhouette 1

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing   
 "Helen Keller"
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