Deer Silhouettes Metal Art by Artist J Dunbar
Deer silhouette metal art decor at it's best from J Dunbar. My deer with doe silhouette metal art is the most popular silhouette offered and the whitetail deer silhouette is a larger more dramatic image for your lodge, cabin or ranch decor. Deer decor for creating deer signs, deer gate or fence panel and deer wall art.

Deer with Doe Silhouette
Deer Silhouette Metal Art
Crafted from 10ga. steel plate, Reversible Design     
20"w x 26'h

Buck Deer in Pine Trees Metal Silhouette
Buck Deer Silhouette In Pine Trees
24"h x 38" w ring size
cut from 10ga. recycled metal plate steel
gray primer finish
Whitetail Deer Silhouette Metal
Whitetail Deer Silhouette Metal Art
Cut from 10ga. steel plate mounted within a steel ring
Ring Size  38"high x 24"wide

J Dunbar 970-270-4345

 Deer metal art will vary somewhat from those shown as each deer silhouette is crafted one at a time by hand.

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